What is Buzzsaw sync?

Buzzsaw sync is a feature of Buzzsaw that lets you automatically synchronize project folders and subfolders on your local desktop or server with the Buzzsaw cloud. With Buzzsaw sync, you can control synchronization settings and leverage Buzzsaw permissions to easily exchange project models without workflow interruption.

Why would I want to use sync?

After you set up a sync folder, uploading files to Buzzsaw is fast, easy, and transparent. You simply save a file to your sync folder and it uploads automatically while you continue doing your important work. And, you also get automatic downloads to your local folder. With a sync folder, you don't have to stop what you are doing, enter a username and password to upload or download files.

How do I get sync?

Buzzsaw sync is a separate small app that you download after installing Buzzsaw. It runs as an application in your system tray which is usually located at the bottom of your screen.

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Buzzsaw as a desktop app and Sync as a tray app Tray app icon

Use sync with other Autodesk products

Ben the architect places a copy of the Revit model in a Buzzsaw sync folder

Buzzsaw sync automatically uploads the file to Buzzsaw in the cloud

Deb at the engineering firm gets notified and Buzzsaw sync downloads the file--automatically